March 13, 2006

The Latest From Our Good Friends At the AFA

Yes, that open minded group called the American Family Association has a new company they want to ruin. They take credit for bringing NBC to it's knees and forcing the cancellation of the program "The Book of Daniel" because it did not portray christians as a cross between June Cleaver and Mother Theresa. Now, they are targeting the Ford Motor Company for another boycott effort.

Here are a few of the sinful acts (in their view) that Ford is guilty of.

o They were given a 100% score on this year's Human Rights Campaign's Corporate Equality Index, the largest corporation to earn that score. We can't have corporate America promoting human rights, now can we?

o Ford has been on the DiversityInc "Top 50 Companies for Diversity" all four years of its existence. Diversity in the workplace? What heathens.

o They recruited homosexuals by advertising on "gay job sites."

o Ford targeted some marketing to GLBT people. What nerve this company has. They actually want to employ gays and let them drive the cars that Ford makes.

I suppose the AFA wants GLBT people to take the bus to pick up their unemployment checks.

There are other terrible affronts to society that the Ford Motor Company has committed according to the AFA. It's a lengthy list, Ford has apparently been very busy trying to destroy the fabric of our country.

Of course, what Ford is really guilty of is supporting organizations that have values which differ from those expoused by the American Family Association.

We just can't have that kind of thing in the United States.


  1. Sounds like teh 'genda to me ;P

  2. sad story. I think I heard about this once before. I hope their intentions are good and I have a feeling they are (speaking from a similar background to the AFA). Their either hatefull and oppressive people OR maybe they just haven't thought through what they are doing. I hope we'll have the wisdom to have some grace in this situation and I hope they have the wisdom to think this through some more before they shut down a good company.

    Great post,

  3. That AFA is annoying. They want to boycott everyone for trying to bring equality to the country. They're almost as bad as

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