March 21, 2006

Hate In God's Name In the Holy Land

Right-wing hate toward GLBT people in God's name is a popular pastime in the United States, but it is hardly an American phenomenon.

As if there wasn't enough going on in this part of the world to worry about, Rabbi David Basri in Jerusalem, a well known foe of gays, has lashed out again. Rabbi Basri is a prominent Kabbalah leader, the type of Jewish mysticism practiced by Madona and Roseanne among others.

The Rabbi, in his finite wisdom, has blamed gays for an outbreak of bird flu in Israel. Since there is, like in the U. S., an active political campaign promoting same-sex marriage, Rabbi Basri has said the appearance of bird flu is God's punishment. I guess He didn't have time to whip up a hurricane to comdemn everyone so He just dropped in some bird flu.

If you read the entire story, you'll see some of the hateful comments attributed to the Rabbi. If you take time to pray for the safety of people in this dangerous area of the world, may I suggest that you also pray for the wisdom of their leadership and that they may discern God's will for how GLBT people should be treated.

Regardless of if they are christians in America or jews in Israel, our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters are people too, not abominations.

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  1. Lovely; we're responsible for Avian flu and famous queer divas like Madonna, Britney and Sandra Bernhardt belong to this cult.

    As I've said before, the day I left the Catholic church was the day I realized I had become an adult and was no longer willing to be vicitmized by any form of organized religion.

    Repeal all tax exemptions for churches in the USA. End their power and destructive power on the innocent.