March 03, 2006

Church and Supreme Court--Not Very Seperate

This week, Dr. James Dobson acknowledged receiving a thank-you letter from recent Supreme Court appointment Justice Samuel Alito. Dobson has taken bows for his successful push to have Alito's nomination confirmed by the senate, and he appears to have made a friend in a very high place.

What's the big deal? If you are a sports fan, how would feel if an umpire had sent a thank-you note to Barry Bonds for supporting him through a political process. Would opposing pitchers think they would get an even shake on balls and strikes when they are pitching to Bonds with that umpire behind the plate?

How about an area of critical importance to a large portion of America-the judging on American Idol. If Simon Cowell had sent this type of letter to one of the contestants, wouldn't that give at least the appearance of impropriety?

In the situation with Justice Alito, we are talking about someone in a position that is supposed to be, dare I say, the supreme bastion of impartiality. The ultimate defenders and interpreters of the U. S. Constitution are supposed to be as unbiased as a human can be. There's only nine of them at any one time--the bar needs to be set exceptionally high.

How impartial do you think Justice Alitio will be on cases of great interest to Dr. Dobson and his ilk. Do you really think cases involving same-sex marriage, abortion, or anything Dr. Dobson doesn't like will get a fair shake from this justice? Will that title become an oxymoron?

Of course, I don't believe the "fundamentalists" want justice. They want their agenda to become the law of the land. Judges who don't agree with them are branded "activist judges." In Maryland, there is even a movement in the state legislature to impeach the judge who ruled that the prohibition of same-sex marriage was unconstitutional (the case is currently under appeal).

It's bad enough when politicians are beholding to someone who helped them get elected. It's much worse when the final line of defense in protecting citizens from those politicans, the Supreme Court, is tainted with the same agenda. And it was all done in the name of God.

Do you actually think Jesus wants money spent and arms twisted in His name to gain conformation for a Supreme Court justice?

I sure don't.

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  1. If FOTF ever has a court case that comes before the Supreme Court I would hope that Alito would recuse himself based on a conflict of interest. In fact he would pretty much have to.

    Unfortunately, that doesn't help at all in cases involving issues that Dobson lobbies on. All we can do is to hope that Alito would be able to think clearly and be as impartial as possible. I don't really trust anyone to be able to do that - we all have biases. What we really need is a candidate who is not pushed by special interest groups. Like that will happen anytime soon.