February 20, 2006

Rally in Maryland Supporting Same-Sex Marriage

Last week, I participated in my first political rally at the Maryland State House in Annapolis. I was part of a group of at least several hundred people who rallied against the proposed state constitutional amendment that would make same-sex marriage illegal. Here is the summary from the Washington Blade:


It was a wonderful experience being part of this group. I benefited from the opportunity to join members of my district in discusbsing the issue with our delegates and state senator. It was a very cordial meeting since all of the representatives are strongly opposed to this amendment, but it was still good to be part of the process.

The most interesting part to me was afterwards while I was waiting for the shuttle to go back to my car. I struck up a conversation with several gay men who participated in my district meeting. We just stood outside and discussed our different perspectives on issues that affected the GLBT community.

We should do that more often. We all would learn something.

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  1. I couldn't agree more. It's always good when people come together to share ideas and seek common ground. Shouting at each other is so much less effective! Extremists like the Phelps' family who refuse to converse but prefer to hurl insults are not helpful in any way.

    Amazingly the day after the "Nor'easter of '06" hundreds of Marylanders (and not a Phelps' of Kansas among them) came together in Annapolis. We assembled to demonstrate our support for equal rights for all Marylanders! Government violates human dignity when it tries to tell us who we can and cannot marry.

    I am proud to have been one of the hundreds of Marylanders who reminded our elected officials what America is all about: Liberty and justice for all.

    Joyful Noises