February 07, 2006

"Fighting The Holy War" - An Opinion

My friend Sharone made me aware of this exceptional essay written for the "Metro Weekly," a gay-focused magazine distributed in the Washington DC area.


The writer, Richard J. Rosendall, takes the religious right to task for, among other things "bearing false witness," and also takes the democrats to task for not having the courage to stand up to them.

Rosenthal states, "The religious fanatics cannot be defeated as long as we allow them to frame the public debate without serious challenge."

Along with other allies, that's what I'm trying to do in my little corner of the blogosphere. The Christ I worship is nothing like the Christ the religious right puts out there. I want to tell you, especially those in the GLBT community, that my Christ loves you as you are. He doesn't hate you like the false prophets of the religious right want you to think.

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  1. Thanks for the link. My disappointment with the Democrats is reflected very much in the line about throwing us to the wolves. One of the challenges -- I am sure you experience this all the time, given your goals -- in talking with certain conservative Christians, is that they seem unable to deal with the word of God as it fully is. They prefer to deal with a handful of verses, narrowly interpreted to fit a predetermined agenda, that trump everything else.

    A recent speech I read pointed out that protection of the poor is mentioned over 2000 times in the Bible. Compared to a few verses on same-sex genital acts and Zero on same-sex orientation. Yet the primary political issue uniting many Christians (not just evangelical fundamentalists) is that of same-sex equality and marriage, not the government's cutback on service to the poorest among us.