January 16, 2006

Again With the Homosexual Agenda

CBN continues to hammer away at the movie "Brokeback Mountain", using it as an example of Hollywood's efforts to "gain sympathy, if not outright support, for those practicing the homosexual lifestyle."

The article goes on at great length to negate any positive impression this movie might give people of homosexuals by referring to it as propaganda, and even tries to discredit the success it is enjoying at the box office.

This from the network who is led by Pat Robertson, who in recent months has wanted the president of Venezuela whacked and claimed God was whacking the Prime Minister of Isreal.

This article goes on to detail what it implies is an evil conspiracy to "brainwash" people into thinking homosexuality is an acceptable lifestyle. They quote the author of a book about this subject that was actually titled, "The Marketing of Evil."

Apparently it's okay for "fundamentalists" to work together in conspiracies, like the Justice Sunday event I recently wrote about. Once again, different rules are applied to organizations or groups of people that do not subscribe to the narrow, closed-minded message of right-wing religious leaders like Pat Robertson.

Remember, this is the man who wanted the president of Venezuela whacked and claimed God was whacking the Prime Minister of Isreal. That's okay, but a movie sending a message that two gay men might possibly have some redeeming qualities must be stopped!

This mentality has even seeped into the sports world. Larry Miller, the owner of the Utah Jazz pro basketball team, also owns a complex of 17 movie theaters in Sandy, Utah. He apparently did not know about the content of Brokeback Mountain until asked about it in a radio interview the day it was set to open. According to the ESPN report, less than two hours after the interview was finished, the movie was pulled from his theater.

This is yet another clear example of "fundamentalists" not following the example of Jesus even while they try to jam their version of him down our nation's throat. God operates by one set of rules. Even when Jesus was on earth, while He did not observe all of the laws established at the time, laws which were eventually used as the excuse to crucity Him, He obeyed all of God's rules.

If Jesus is not exempt from God's one, unchanging set of rules, NO ONE IS! That, folks, is fundamental christianity.

As people seek spiritual guidance, they need to carefully consider the agenda of any leader they choose to receive it from. If their agenda is not compatible with the teachings and example of Jesus, run, do not walk, to the nearest exit.


  1. Hey! I just stumbled on your site, and I really like what you have to say. I wish there were more christians out there who think like you do. One quick note: I think it was the president of Venezuela that Robertson wanted to whack. :)

    Anyway, I bookmarked you, and i'll be back!

  2. The reference to assisinating a president has been corrected. Thanks for the note Andy.

  3. I haven't seen Brokeback yet, so perhaps I am not qualified to talk about it. I have read the story on which it is based. From the story, I would not get a justification for a homosexual lifestyle, since no homosexual lifestyle is described, much less glamorized in it. What is depicted is the tragedy of gay men trying to live as straight married men, victimizing their wives as much as themselves. Since many fundamentalists and others think the solution is to make gay men get married (and presumbably lesbian women should marry guys, although that doesn't seem to really catch their attention much, does it?), the threatening message of the movie may be that "acting straight" is not all it's being sold as by the ex-gay movement.

    Not all such marriages are a disaster, of course, as my own Partner's experience shows. Given the stresses that a marriage has to face today, though, does it make sense to add a gay partner into the mix on the theory that this will help him/her get themselves straightened out? What about the straight partner in that relationship? The potential for grave injustice is huge. In fact, this sounds like using another person for one's own purposes, at least as much as using another person for one's own sexual gratification.