September 21, 2005

Linking Up and Spreading the Word

You may have noticed in recent days that I have added a lot of links to this blog. I have endeavored to join as many different communities and webrings as possible that might have some connection to or interest in the message of inclusion and Christ's love for ALL people. I would encourage you to visit some of the sites that are in these communities, but please be advised that not all of them share the same point of view.

I decided to branch out and try, especially in Christian and GLBT communities, to get connected where people who don't share the same values may take a few moments and read what we have to share in this small corner of the blogosphere. It's fine to "preach to the choir," but it is also important to reach those who have not received the fullness of Jesus' love and acceptance and touch that uncultivated portion of their hearts and souls. Unfortuately, this blog has already been rejected by several Christian communities who are not willing to share this viewpoint with their members, but there are others who have included the site. I'll keep trying.
If anyreaders have any suggestions of additional communities or sites that I should investigate getting linked up to, please e-mail me and I will follow up on it.

Since I began this push within the last two weeks, traffic here has nearly doubled. May God bless any first-time visitors and I continue to seek his will and guidance in every post I make.

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