August 19, 2005

Preaching Politics

Call me crazy, but when I go to church, I want to hear preaching based on the bible. I want to learn more about taking God's word and applying it to my daily life. I want to feel more of the Holy Spirit and draw closer to God and be a better servant.

I DON'T go to learn how someone thinks I am supposed to vote, but I feel more and more like that puts me in a shrinking minority. Here is a story about what was organized as a rally to support Supreme Court nominee John Roberts in churches acorss the country. After it was revealed that Roberts had once provided legal advice to a LGBT group that helped them win a civil rights case, the tone was changed into just a basic gay-bashing rally.

The story quotes a spokesman for Focus on the Family as saying Roberts' work with the LGBT group is "raising alarm bells."

Someone that has James Dobson's undies in a bunch can't be all bad.

1 comment:

  1. that's the best thing i've heard about roberts so far!

    i'm with you--pissing off the likes of dobson has got to be a good thing!