August 23, 2005

A Loosely Orgainzed Pawn

That's what I am and, I suspect since you are reading this, you are one too. That's according to a piece written by Dr. Edward Hinson, Assistant to the Chancellor of Liberty University. That's right, he works for Rev. Jerry Falwell.

In this diatribe written for "Jerry Falwell's National Liberty Journal", Dr. Hinson targets the Christian Alliance for Progress but essentially throws any organization that would refer to itself as "religious liberal" under the bus. Essentially, that would include anyone who does not subscribe to the version of Christ touted by the Religious Right. The tone of this essay was hardly doctorate in nature. Rather, I could almost hear him saying "Nyah nyah nyah nyah, we're bigger and better than you are."

The main flaws Dr. Hinson points out, besides these groups disagreeing with his narrow view of Christianity, are that the leaders are not nearly as famous as men like Falwell, James Dobson, and yes, Pat Robertson. It is a darn shame that none of the "religious liberal" leaders have ever received anywhere near the publicity that Robertson did today, isn't it?

I would think that a representative of a university (a lovely campus I had the pleasure of touring recently) founded on christian principles and purporting to teach future religious leaders would show at least a trace of Jesus' love. He writes "evangelicals are not the stupid, backward obscurantists you think we are," yet in the rest of his essay appears to go out of his way to disprove his own point.

Thanks to the excellent blog "Christian Dissent" for finding this piece.


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